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Lyon Mountain


Submitted By Nathan Stokes

The Mountains & Stats

5 miles with 1790 feet of gain
  • Lyon (3830 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     So I was staying with some friends at a camp they were renting on Upper Chateaugay Lake for the week. After I enjoyed my fill of sitting around and doing nothing I decided it was time for a bit of hiking. Lyon Mt kept staring me in the face from the porch of the camp and it is on the FTC list which made it natural quarry for an afternoon of amusement. The road to the parking area is only marked with a seasonal road marker, no sign or trail head marker. Heading south on the Chazy Lake road from SR 374 the road is the first gravel road on the right after the southern end of the Garmish Rd. The gravel road runs approximately 1 mile to the parking area. The trail starts from the left side of the parking area, it is not flagged and there isn't a trail register. There is a small sign promoting LNT practices at the trail head. The trail starts climbing immediately though the grade is pleasant most of the way. The trail is wide and is easy to follow without any markers. The 2001 edition of Views from on High mentions several junctions where decisions need to be made, I did not run into any of these, there was only one obvious trail all the way to the summit. In a couple of spots where the trail follows the old ski slope it is split by a small copse of trees, though both sides converge again in short order. It appears that someone was through recently doing some blow down removal and a bit of trail consolidation. I reached the summit in about an hour and was rewarded with near 360 degree views. The summit is somewhat bare and has a ledge that faces east towards Lake Champlain. The new wind farm that is being installed south east of Chateaugay is clearly visible and I was just able to make out Montreal through the haze. The tower has had some maintenance on it, the paint seems fresh and the stairs are all in good repair. The cab is open and vistas can be had all around. The only problem I had the whole trip was with the broken bottle shards that littered the summit. This seems to be a common occurrence on fire tower summits though. I would also rate this a good winter excursion, the trail seems wide enough to ski down most of it.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

breeze, views, wind farm in the distance,

The Bad:

broken beer bottles on summit

The Drive

short, I was in the area already


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