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JBL Spring Work Weekend


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

7 miles with 800 feet of gain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     For the Spring 2008 work weekend Nicole and I decided to take off from work early (3pm) to get to the parking area before dark. This ended up being a very nice change of pace as we were able to pack up and start hiking at around 8pm. We were fortunate for a change to be able to carry in only 1 bag of groceries between us rather than 3 bags like the last fall weekend. We started the hike in and it began to get dark around deer brook leanto, however; the moon was quite bright and it was a clear night so we were able to navigate by moonlight. The only spot we had trouble was descending down to the trail register near the interior outpost since that area was shaded by conifers. We made it to the JBL in about 1.5 hours and for the first time ever, we enjoyed the Friday night festivities with the other volunteers.

      On Saturday we worked all day doing tasks such as painting, putting up the screens and gutters, carpentry, and other types of cleaning. The food was awesome as usual.

      Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast and then headed out, we were back to the trailhead in a little over an hour and fifteen minutes.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

JBL Food
Hanging out with all of the other volunteers
Hiking in by moonlight
Not carrying 25 lbs of food

The Bad:

Hiking with a cold

The Drive

Uneventful, although the drive on the way home seemed to take forever


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