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LWJ via Bennie's


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

9 miles with 3000 feet of gain
  • Lower Wolfjaw (4175 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     One of my friends skied Bennies last winter and I was interested in snowboarding it this year, however I wanted to scope it out ahead of time before going in winter. I still needed LWJ for my 46 so Nicole and I decided to head up the slide to make the trip more interesting.

      We made the slick plan to stay at South Meadows and then head to the Garden to get into the lot before it filled up. We drove up Friday night and camped, We slept well until the wind kicked up and started to blow the tent around a bit. We were up at 6, on the road at 6:30, at the Garden by 7. Much to our dismay the lot was already full from the night before, so we were stuck riding the bus from Marcy Field. We were on the trail by 7:45, the section from the parking lot always kills me because it's uphill right away. We crossed the Johns Brook and then followed the Southside trail until Bennie's brook.

      We followed the "ski" trail to the slide and climbed the slide. It starts off very gradual and then gets steep near the top. One thing I noticed is that spots on the slide had the same "slime" as the Allen slide. Eventually we reached the fork in the slide and started climbing the steepest part. I had hoped to summit during the winter if I decided to ski the slide, however this section would end up being way too tricky. The views from the slide were awesome and I got some great pictures on the way up. Eventually we topped out on the slide and found the herd path to the ridge. It was nice to be on a trail again, Unfortunately the climb up to the LWJ summit was incredibly steep.

      We rested at the summit, took in the views, and then took off. We headed down to the WJ col (steeply), and then headed towards the JBL. We got down to the WJ leanto and took a quick break. We were going to go to the JBL for some rest/snacks, however we realized that it's caretaker season (plus we would have to climb that bump to get to the lodge). Instead we headed down to the Southside trail for the trip home. I ended up not being too fond of this trail simply because of it's un-unnecessarily rocky composition in places.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

The views on the slide
Getting off the trails to get to a less remarkable peak

The Bad:

The slime on the slide
The sketchy section at the top of the slide

The Drive



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