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Woodhull Mountain and a Big Canine


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

5 miles with 750 feet of gain
  • Woodhull Mountain (2365 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Nicole and I decided to take an easy day today with the questionable weather forecast. We woke up late, enjoyed breakfast at home, and decided on a hike. Nicole picked Woodhull for a nice bike/hike for the day. We drove to the trailhead and unpacked the bikes. We took the way described in the fire tower book (which is apparently the long way now). The route in the fire tower book suggested parking at the trailhead and biking ~5/7.5 miles on an old jeep road/rail bed. We took off from the parking lot (I MTB a lot more than nicole so I got a good ways ahead). I came around a bend moving pretty quick and saw a bushy tail. So I said back to Nicole "DEER" (except nicole was way behind), I thought it was a, When I said that the "deer" turned around and had the face of a dog, at which point I said "WOLF", then realizing there "aren't any wolve's in the dacks" said "COYOTE". The animal was just as surprised to see me as I was to see it, and bolted into the woods. I've heard reports that there may/may-not be Wolves back. All I can say is that this was the size of a large lab/medium golden retriever with a bushy tail with some white in it. It was a grey color, with a "big" head, kind of a wide face. Whatever it was it was really cool to see some wildlife.

      After that we continued on, a little while later I almost ran into a deer. After what seemed like a very little time we arrived at the end of the line. You know it's the end when you cross a rickety bridge and it goes from a road to a trail. The trail up Woodhull is a nice easy grade, the only thing that slowed us down a bit was the amount of blowdown. Lots of blowdowns were odd ones, this was the first time i've gone through the trunk of a tree to follow the trail. After what seemed like a very short time we arrived at the top. There were two other guys who had taken the "short way" up from the other parking area. We all enjoyed a while on the summit and then began the climb down.

      The hike down was uneventful. We got back to the bikes and mounted up. About half way back Nicole got fed up with her bike (it's a piece of crap) so I offered her my bike. It was a little funny looking at us on the way out, She's 5'4" and i'm 6'0, Her bike is a little small for her, mine is sized for me, but it's a 29'er so it looks big. After while we were back at the car amazed at what a great day we had.

      All in all we covered 15 miles, 10 riding, 5 hiking. The ride in/out was an hour each way at a lesiurely pace. The hike was an hour up, and less than an hour down at a moderate pace. Even though it wasn't single track mountain biking I strongly recommend trying this hike (or something similar) to anyone who enjoys biking and hiking.

      To take the "short way" instead of riding the 5 miles on the road; bear down the jeep road at the first parking area and apparently that takes you down a few more miles (I haven't tried this, it was just what I was told by the guys on the summit).

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Seeing a large "dog" that was either a Coyote or Wolf
Views from the top of the tower

The Bad:

For once I can't complain, it was an awesome day!
EDIT: Damn, I did have a problem, I forgot the CF card for my camera so no pictures from the tower

The Drive

The drive was uneventful, We did the drive completely sans thruway and it was great


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