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Allen (The easy way)


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

5 miles with 2220 feet of gain
  • Allen (4340 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Rondaxe (Bald) Mountain (2354 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We were fortunate enough to get into the east river club with Christine (VFTT: BlackSpruce) and help out with trail work on the Hanging Spear Falls trail in excange for easier access to Allen. We met at the gate at around 8am and headed into work. We arrived at the "trailhead" at about 9 and began our hike to HSF. Along the way we chopped and cleared, reopening the path that had been clogged with overgrowth. At about 11:30 Christine caught up with us and told us that we better be on our way to get Allen. She showed us where the clubs trailhead was and how to navigate to the standard route.

      We left the cars at around 12:30 following a woods road to the beginning of clubs herd path. We followed the clubs herd path to where it entered the standard route. After a while we crossed Skylight and Allen brooks and we began our climb. We made good time up to the Allen brook crossing and then we began to slow down because of the climb and because of the slime. After a while we came out on the top of the slide and enjoyed the view. A while after that we gained the ridge and summited. We enjoyed some food, views, and took summit pictures. We then began our climb down slowly (to be careful of the slime). Everyone took some spills (one Leki pole was the casualty of the day), I opted to butt slide down the slickest sections (my $3 pants are DONE). We were very happy to be down to the bottom of Allen brook and begin the hike out. After a while longer we were back on the private property and back to the cars. All in all it was a great day. After failing at Allen this winter it was nice to not have to re-hike all of the road stuff on the way in.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Not re-hiking the road section
Helping with the trail work
Some of the views from the slide

The Bad:

The slime on Allen brook

The Drive

Nothing special except the Asian Italian resturaunt in Rome. Taking route 31 all the way home was much better than the thruway


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