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Colvin & Blake


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

15 miles with 4052 feet of gain
  • Blake (3980 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Colvin (4057 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We drove up Friday night and stayed at sharps bridge campground (which is very nice and a convenient drive to the keene valley trailheads). We woke up early Saturday (thanks to the bird alarm clocks) and were at the trailhead by 7:20. We checked in at the gate at 7:45 and made great time on our way up the lake road and the gill brook trail. We made it to state land relatively quickly but from there our pace slowed a bit due to the terrain getting steeper.

      The climb up Colvin from the elk pass trail junction gets steep right away. After a few hundred yards the trail leveled to a more reasonable grade. Eventually after a few false summits we reached the real summit and were treated to some great views. We arrived at the summit of colvin around 11:30. My camera batteries were dying so I didn't take any pictures other than summit shots. We enjoyed a snack on colvin and then headed off to blake. Just as we were leaving the summit another hiker arrived from blake. He warned us that the trail was very steep and tricky in places. As we left the summit we enjoyed the nice ridge walk along the colvin ridge. We started wondering where this "steep" area was going to be since the trail was nice and flat to begin with. When it gets steep, it gets STEEP. There were a couple of sections that needed to be downclimbed. Eventually we reached the col and immediately began our climb up blake.

      The climb up blake was just as steep as the descent of colvin but eventually we reached the top (There is a sign that says colvin/pinnacle with arrows). I don't know what people are complaining about the views, they're not unobstructed but you can still see parts of the great range. We enjoyed lunch on blake and then began the slog back over to colvin. I continued my tradition of painfully slow elevation gain to get out of the col back to colvin but eventually reached the viewpoint to the east of the summit, I think this ledge has some better views than the actual summit. We passed the summit and began heading down. Unfortunately someone decided to do "their business" no farther than 5 feet off the trail and didn't bury it (TP and all) so there was a bit of an odor up there on the way back down .

      We made good pace down to the Nippletop junction where we met the first bugs of the day that decided to visit while we snacked (black flies, not biting). But as long as we kept moving they wouldn't bother us. We took the bypass trail back down to the road where two members of our group decided to run ahead to get the car. I continued the slog on the lake road which really killed the balls of my feet after a long day of hiking.

      Eventually we made it to the gate and found the others waiting for us near the tennis courts with the car. We got in and drove to the swimming area by Marcy field to take a quick dip to cool/clean off and then we were on our drive home (after a stop at the lumberjack in tupper for dinner).

      This was my 23 and 24 so I'm half way there!

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

The views were awesome.
We made great time on the way in up to elk pass
Getting a nice shower in the asuable river by marcy field

The Bad:

The lake road on the way out beat the hell out of my feet

The Drive

Uneventful, We drove up friday night, stayed at sharps bridge DEC campground. Then hiked and drove home saturday


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