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Paradox W48 on Carragain


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

14 miles with 3750 feet of gain
  • Carrigain (4700 Feet, NH) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     After a miserable drive to get to the trailhead we arrived around 7:20 and were hiking by 7:40. We busted hump to try and catch up with the group which we thought started hiking at 7:00. Luckly they had gotten a bit of a late start and we were able to catch them by the summer trailhead. John spent a lot of time out front breaking trail, then Tim took a turn, followed by Henry, then I took a jaunt, and finally Nicole took a try and powered ahead. It was nice getting to break trail and finally earn a trip this year. We climbed pretty quickly, this might be one of those mountains where the trail is faster in winter than it is in summer.

      After a while we realized the group was getting spaced out so we waited to re-group before we broke treeline on the ridge. I walked up and down the trail (after layering up) to stay warm. From this point forward, Nicole and I opted to be tail gunners to ensure the group stayed together.

      After crossing the ridge (which was completely socked in (bummer)) we started the annoyingly wandering final climb to the fire tower. At the top we were able to congratulate John for his W48 finish. Because we had gotten up at 4 AM (driving at 4:20) we decided to rush back to Keene instead of joining the party at the bar afterwards (we figured having a pint, and then driving the 3+ hours home wasn't a good idea, plus we were concerned the roads were going to be crappy)

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Hiking with John and his group of friends

The Bad:

Lack of views

The Drive

Up from Keene on terrible roads.


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