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A Birthday Party on Dix


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

14 miles with 3200 feet of gain
  • Dix (4857 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     This is the first trip I have ever been on where the most challenging section of trail was between the car and the trail register.


      For those that aren't familiar with this trail, you park on route 73, walk 50 yards along the road, and then go up (maybe 6-10 vertical feet) to the register. On Saturday this section of trail was under at least 1 foot of water ice.


      We wore microspikes from the car to the base of the slide, and the first 50 yards after the trail register was by far the most difficult part. Crampons would not have been overkill.


      As far as the hike goes, the rest of the trail was easily handled by microspikes. snowshoes were used from the slide, up to the ridge, beyond the trail junction, and to the summit. The snowshoes were used primarily for traction (and heel risers) below the ridge, and were useful for flotation on the ridge (as the trail had drifted in with between 0-12" of snow). The only other thing that slowed us down was the crossing of the Bouquet near the leanto, the river was running so we had to rock/ice hop our way across.


      Got a little off the trail on the summit ridge (which included going into my first spruce trap of the year) but it was pretty easy getting to the summit. After summiting we celebrated Nicole's birthday in the depression between the rocky areas. The descent was wonderful with nice powder snow up high for "snowshoe skiing". Once we were descending along side the slide the trail was good for butt sliding (though a little too fast for my tastes, but then again I was the last person in line, so I had a bobsled track to work with). Once we reached the base of the slide we slogged back to the Leanto where we ran into some previous acquaintances from fousderando. From the leanto back to the car it was one foot in front of the other until having to descend the treacherous iced section.


      Overall a good day with some really good views, leaving us 1 left for our W finish next weekend.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Great views at the top
Good snowshoeable conditions at the steep section (making heel risers a godsend)
Surprising Nicole with some birthday treats

The Bad:

Dangerously fast butt slide on the way down

The Drive

Drove home on 8, stopped at Logan's in speculator for a fancy dinner. It was very tasty.


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