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Redfield, Marshall, and a reminder


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

20 miles with 5000 feet of gain
  • Marshall (4360 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Redfield (4606 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We planned a group weekend at Aunt Polly's Annex for the weekend. Arrived early on friday, pre-packed the pack, and went to bed early.

      Up at 4:15 on Saturday and out the door by 5, hiking by 5:45. Nancy and Holly were going for Redfield, Cliff, Marshall, while we were being slightly less ambitious and only going for Redfield & Marshall. Being the slowest member of our group I was responsible for the pace on the hike in (what was a relaxed stroll for my hiking partners, was a brisk pace for me). We made spectacular time getting to flowed lands. I found the new post-irene re-route to be pretty logical, hopefully it will be as dry in summer as it was in winter.

      At flowed lands everyone took some time to mess around with food, layers, and nature breaks, but soon enough we were heading across the flowed lands. Nancy was out in front breaking trail (and looking for the weak spots in the ice). Shortly after walking across the flowed lands, we found a set of ski tracks in the river which made the trail breaking easier. It was roughly 2 hours after leaving the car when we arrived at the leanto near the Marshall herd path.

      Nancy went and checked out the path and said it was mostly broken (so far so good). We continued our slow and steady pace along the river until we were finally able to cross the Lake Colden dam. The crossing was uneventful other than Nancy throwing Holly's pole into the river.

      I was still responsible for pacing up to the uphill leanto (because everyone was enjoying the relaxing pace). Once we got there, we all adjusted again (and dropped some weight) before we started climbing Redfield. We were incredibly pleased to find the herd path broken out. After a little while of climbing I sent Nancy and Holly ahead as I knew they had their plates full for the day and there was no need for us to stick together if we weren't breaking trail.

      After a while of climbing we came across Nancy & Holly on their way down, a few minutes later we were at the summit. It was cold and the views weren't that good so we took some quick pictures and started heading down. I didn't quite have my "snowshoe legs" quite yet and I fell what felt like 20 times on the descent.

      We were back to the leanto in 2 hours round trip and we were feeling good about our chances of summiting Marshall. After some snacks and a quick break we began our descent. We made great time and we were at the Marshall leanto well before 1 pm.

      We began our climb and were (un)happy to see Dave stuck to the 46r guidelines for herdpath maintenance (meaning we had a lot of over/under maneuvers on the trail (but the corridor was very clear)). We saw We saw a bunch of faces from the forum during the climb as we continued our slow and steady pace. After a long while we were at the col. As we climbed the clouds began to disperse and we were treated to some pretty good views of Iroquois and Colden. We treated the summit of Marshall the same as Redfield. Some quick pictures and it was time to descend again.

      We made better time descending Marshall than we did on Redfield. Soon enough we met up with Nancy and Holly going for their 3rd peak of the day.

      Once back at the leanto we treated ourselves to some hot soup before commencing the slog home. The walk out over flowed lands was beautiful, with the sun low on the horizon casting our shadows across the snow. Soon enough we were at the beginning of the Calamity trail ready to head home. I bonked pretty bad on the way out and the only thing that really helped was eating half of a dark chocolate bar. That was the last boost I needed to catch a second wind. We arrived at the parking lot just as headlamps were becoming necessary. At the car the cold temperatures forced Nicole and I to layer up in our puffy jackets for the drive home because we knew it would be a while before the car produced any heat.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Bagging 2 tough peaks
Hanging out with Nancy & Holly during the hike
Sharing Aunt Polly's with some fun forum friends

The Bad:

The Calamity Brook trail will remain on my blacklist

The Drive

Went up/back via Old Forge. Finally stopped at the hiking shop outside old forge.


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