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Moosilauke, Mountaineering Boots, Meals


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

8 miles with 3300 feet of gain
  • Moosilauke (4802 Feet, NH) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     The forecast called for a bluebird day so I wanted to re-hike something above treeline. I also wanted something with a significant amount of gain, but not much mileage so I could start breaking in my mountaineering boots. Moosilauke fit the bill for this requirement. We intended to climb from the ravine lodge, but the road was closed due to the snow so we used the glencliff trail instead. Fortunately there was a group in front of us which helped us find the (ill defined) path through the fields to the start of the real path/climb.

      The climb was slow and steady with a fair amount of side hilling. There was just enough snow to hide what you were stepping on, but not nearly enough for snowshoes. The climb seemed to take forever, but eventually we reached the south peak (and met up with the trail breaking crew on their way down).

      As usual the forecast lied, and instead of a nice walk across an open ridge with views all around we were limited to roughly 100' visibility. The wind was howling and Nicole and I struggled to stay standing a few times. Eventually we made the summit, and promptly turned around and descended.

      On the descent Nicole noticed some tufts of fur and tracks in the snow. Apparently something (a big cat, fox, or coyote) managed to get one of the rabbits whose tracks we had seen earlier. It was really cool seeing this animal share our tracks for a while, then stop to eat a bit more of its lunch (as evidenced by fresh fur tufts and blood). Eventually we lost the track and reached the south peak.

      The descent was slow and tedious, trying to keep our footing, while walking in mountaineering boots, in the snow, on rocks we couldn't see. Nicole and I both took some pretty good spills.

      Overall it was a good day, I managed to not destroy my feet hiking in my new boots which is really all I could ask for


The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Seeing animal tracks
New boots working as expected

The Bad:

Tough November snow conditions
No views

The Drive

Up via 93, but then we ended up on the glencliff side, so we went home via 91


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