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Breadloaf & Wilson


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

10 miles with 2700 feet of gain
  • Bread Loaf (3835 Feet, VT) globe
  • Wilson (3790 Feet, VT) globe

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We drove to the Skylight Pond trailhead where we were greeted by a GMC trail crew coming off the trail after a week of work. We thanked them for their hard work and then began our hike. The trail begins on an old woods road and after crossing a few streams it begins to climb. The trail (like most GMC trails) is very well maintained with lots of waterbars and switch backs, and in no time it seemed like we were on the ridge (There were a few clearings in the woods that gave us some false hope of arriving on the ridge earlier than we did, but other than that it was a nice climb). We paid a visit to the Skylight pond shelter which is a beautiful cabin style shelter with a deck overlooking a high mountain pond. After the shelter we began our climb of the peaks. These two mountains reminded me a little of the Catskills where you would have a steep climb followed by a long flat summit ridge (with no well defined summit).


      Following the Long Trail north we crossed over Breadloaf before descending down to the view point. The peaks were in a foggy cloud so there wasn't any real view to be had. We made our way back to the LT before descending down to the Emily Proctor Shelter (leanto style). Here we enjoyed some food before climbing Wilson. Wilson had me a bit confused as the topo showed the highest elevation on the southern bump but the "x" with the higher elevation was on the northern bump. After climbing both, I'm pretty certain the southern bump is the higher of the two (it looked and felt higher, and my altimeter agreed). However; it is worth going to the northern bump as there is a viewpoint only 20 yards off the LT.


      After bagging both of the peaks we reversed our route back to the car. The mileage and gain don't include side trips to the shelter and views.


      While we were at the Skylight pond shelter there was a sticker for Otter Creek Brewery on the door which mentioned that it was in Middlebury, VT. I remembered seeing signs for Middlebury so rather than heading straight to our B&B we made a detour and stopped in for a sampler and to purchase a pint glass. As expected the beer was delicious and we made good use of their free popcorn.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Beautiful shelter
Nice trail to climb to the ridge

The Bad:

Lack of views (clouds, etc...)
Not having our head in the A-game

The Drive

We stayed at an interesting campground in VT that was less than a half hour from the trailhead.


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