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Tabletop (Herd Path Maintenence) and Phelps


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

12 miles with 3600 feet of gain
  • Phelps (4161 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Tabletop (4427 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Siobahn and Lee are the herd path maintainers for Ttop and phelps so I offered to help them clear out the path post Irene. We met at the Noonmark for breakfast and then headed to the Loj. Overall the Marcy Dam trail was very try and free of blowdown. The re-route was at a spot where there was already a considerable herd path so I have a feeling it was a well used "shortcut" for those trying to avoid the PUD in the last few tenths to Marcy dam.

      Chatting with Siobahn made the hike go MUCH faster and in no time we were at the beginning of the herd path. We ran into minimal blow down (1 Siobahn got with her bow saw, and 1 big cluster that lee took care of with his axe). I was mostly there for helping move debris. Near the top we found a competing herd path where we spent a considerable amount of time brushing it in to keep people on the primary path.

      We enjoyed our lunch at the summit and picked out views of other peaks through the trees. The descent was nothing special and in no-time we were back at the marked trail. On the descent of the marked trail Lee and I were able to crank ahead of Siobahn due to us being taller. This was all fun and games until we began the climb of Phelps.

      Once we started climbing Siobahn practically ran ahead, quickly draining Lee and I of our energy reserves. After a while we gave up on keeping up with her and just continued along at our own pace. We were not prepared for the summit (well over 30 people) but we managed to enjoy it none the less.

      We made good time on our descent and the hike back to the car and in no-time we were at the Loj bidding farewell.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Helping out on HP maintenance
Organ harvesting

The Bad:

Crowds on the trail (what did I expect on a beautiful weekend)

The Drive

Up 8, slept on 73 campsites, down 3 (because I was all the way over at the Loj)


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