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Colvin, Blake, and the Ausable Club Cliffs


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

16 miles with 4300 feet of gain
  • Blake (3980 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Colvin (4057 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Went up Friday night in the rain. Got to our stealth site by malfunction junction and it was full. The people were friendly and pointed us to another site that we were able to use.

      Up ass early on Saturday to try for CBND. Got to the St. Huberts parking lot and there was no privy there so that put a damper on our morning right off the bat. We made good fast time up the road although something about moving quick so early on the hard road took its toll on my knees.

      Skipped the Gill brook trail, instead opting for the bypass. Up until the Elk Pass/Colvin junction the trail was good footing and fast. Once we began the climb of Colvin it went very steep at first then alternated between ledges and moderate. Luckily I remembered the difficulty of the last scramble so I never got a "fake summit" as we climbed. I did, however, forget about a lot of the little slabs and climbs prior to the last one.

      We enjoyed some time on the summit prior to heading down to the C/B col. The descent was steep as usual but the ladders did help navigate some of the steep slabs.

      At the col we began the steep climb of Blake, we made pretty quick work of the initial climbs but I had forgotten there was a bit of a traverse on the ridge. At the summit we decided to not go for N/D as we weren't feeling great and the bugs were out, but not biting and we didn't want to press our luck. Instead we decided to climb back over Colvin and then head to Fish Hawk Cliffs and Indian Head.

      The descent was fairly standard except for a traffic jam at the Colvin cliffs and before long we were at the junction for Fish Hawk Cliffs. Taking this trail you realize how infrequently it is used, the treadway is much less eroded though the footing seemed to be a little tougher. At the cliff we enjoyed the views of the lake and relaxed a bit. The wind came and went and so did the bugs so we didn't linger long before heading over to Indian Head.

      The trail up Indian Head was a bit steep with lousy footing but in short order we were on the other ledges. Here the wind was more consistent and there were almost no bugs so we took the opportunity to sit down, lay in the sun, and relax for a while.

      After our break we headed down to the lake road again. I was concerned that it was going to be a steep trail (as there was a lot of gain in not a lot of distance) however the trail was nicely switchbacked with small ladders to overcome some of the steeper obstacles.

      Once at the lake road we put on cruise control and hiked back to the car (with 1 stop to take pictures of a mass of butterflies)

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Great views
Not feeling terrible at the end

The Bad:

Wussing out of CBND

The Drive

Rainy up/down rt 8


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