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Gothics and Armstrong for a W


Submitted By Nathan Stokes

The Mountains & Stats

11 miles with 3950 feet of gain
  • Armstrong (4400 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Gothics (4736 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Pete B and I signed in at the gate at 7:20. Beat feet up the road and made the beaver meadow falls trail junction in 40 min. Trail was solid underfoot all the way above state land. Trail is very pleasant until the 3250 mark where the climbing starts. Met a party of 4 who spent an unplanned night out coming off of Armstrong. Above their camp the trail was a ankle twisting nightmare from all their progress the day before in the mashed potato conditions. Had to do some serious route finding above the cliff band, then some fun side hill work over to the ladders and down to the col at the 4 hr mark. 45 min to the summit of Gothics, more route finding up to the tree line event with 4+ people across the range trail the day before. Above tree line it was a glorious cornice walk all the way to the summit. Nasty wind, so we were well battened down. Back to the col in 15 min. Same deal with Armstrong, 1 hr total for the out and back to the view ledge. The summit is the second bump, the range trail goes out on a nice ledge, that is the summit. At the col we took a break for water and food and to loose some layers. Beat feet back down the trail, the blowing snow did a good job obscuring the tracks we set, a second party had followed us (we never met them) and their tracks were filling in fast from the snow. Made it back to the car in good time. 8.5 hrs car to car.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

The company, the views down the north face

The Bad:

the ankle twisting conditions

The Drive

car pooled from LP with Pete


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