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Basin and a stiff breeze


Submitted By Nathan Stokes

The Mountains & Stats

17 miles with 3600 feet of gain
  • Basin (4827 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Started from the garden just before 7am with forecasted winds of 25+ mph. Also with knowledge trail was broken all the way to the summit the previous day by Christine and Alex and company. Team was Peggy, Pete B. myself and a new guy that Peggy corresponds with through the 46rs. Made good time all the way to the summit. Shorey's was a little steep but not bad. The ladder on Basin was a touch tricky. Just below the summit we all battened down the hatches for a quick trip above tree line to tag the summit. Winds on the summit were wicked, didn't linger long. Summited at 1pm. 6 hrs from the car including stops at JBL, slant rock and tree line for food and gear adjustment. Butt slid as much as possible. Stopped at Range / Shorey junction to fuel up for the slog out. Regain up Shorey was easy got a tease of a view of Haystack from the view rock. Made it back to Slant rock in good time all things considered. Reconfigured for a slog and beat feet towards the car. Stop at the Warming hut for water for the new guy and out we went. Car to car 10.5 hours. In in daylight, out in daylight.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

a good day in the woods, broken trail but soft under foot.

The Bad:

The almost epic on the wrong side of Shoreys

The Drive

Easy, door to door service from Cascade Inn


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