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Wash out on Jackson


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

6 miles with 2150 feet of gain
  • Jackson (4052 Feet, NH) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Mike and I had left off Jackson from our Presi traverse so while the weather was nice we thought we would start our vacation off with an easy hike. We took the Jackson-Webster trail up, which was nice and gradual, a little steep towards the top. Had a few nice views and a snack at the top and then decided to go and check out Mizpah hut since it is the only hut we haven\\\'t seen. Very cool hut! We went in and sat for a bit and headed down Crawford path back to the car. The sky opened up at the junction for Crawford path and buckets of rain fell until we got to the road. While the rain felt good on such a hot day, we realized that we had no dry change of clothes in the car, except for bathing suits! So... we changed into our suits and drove back to the cabin picking up hitchhikers on our way, a couple from North Carolina who had started at the Greenleaf hut and bailed around Garfield due to the weather. They had parked at Lincoln woods campground so it would have been a very long and crappy walk back to their car. Always good hiking karma to pick up fellow hikers!

      - Nicole

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Some views at the top.
Checking out the hut.
The absurdity of driving home in bathing suits.

The Bad:

The torrential downpour.

The Drive

Drove from the cabin in Thornton to the trail head and back again.


  • AMC White Mountain Guide
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