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A summer boot hike


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

9 miles with 3000 feet of gain
  • Mount Frissel (Shoulder) (2380 Feet, CT) globe Mountain
  • Greylock (3488 Feet, MA) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We left Syracuse at around 5:30 and arrived at Greylock parking at 9:00. It took a little while to get our summer boots on and pack for a spring hike rather than a winter hike but we were on our way at 9:30. We took the Cheshire Harbor Trail which was an old tractor road of sorts so the grades were really easy. Higher on the mountain we ran into some ice/snow and it looked like they had a recent dusting of a few inches near the top. Up in 1:45, down in 1:15 with a half hour break at the summit enjoying the views.

      We got in the car and started driving to the CT highpoint but we stopped at a cool looking outdoors shop on the way. I ended up getting a set of waxless bc skis (a little beefier than karhu guides) for $100.

      After that we continued our drive to the CT state highpoint. This took us onto some nasty unpaved roads where I had to floor it through some mud pits so I wouldn't get stuck. At the trailhead we saw some douchebags from NJ in a lexus SUV get to the end of the road and then nearly get stuck turning around. I have a feeling they were just blindly following their GPS unit.

      The hike up to the CT highpoint was fun and it involved some neat little scrambles. The top of the two peaks in MA that we came across had nice ledges for views that made the hike pretty enjoyable. We descended to the shoulder of the mountain and found the high point.

      The drive home was a little lame, but still enjoyable (until I got on the thruway). My favorite parts about these highpoint trips is getting to see some really out of the way parts of states that you wouldn't normally see from the highways.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Great views from both peaks
Easy grades/fast times on Greylock
Fun scrambles on Frissel
Getting xc/bc skis on the cheap

The Bad:

Mud at the bottom of the Frissel trail
Boots wetting out in the snow on the way up Greylock
Punching through the snow into a stream on Greylock

The Drive

All over the northeast


  • none
  • Highpointers book
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