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A hard slog up Grace from the Boquet


Submitted By Nathan Stokes

The Mountains & Stats

10 miles with 2737 feet of gain
  • East Dix (4012 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We started out from the stone bridge this morning about 7am and took the trail on the left side. The river crossings are passable but sketchy. The trail is well broken out all the way to E. Dix. The ice along the South fork of the bouqet is thick where it is thick and thin in other places. Very often the snowshoe sound would go from click to thonk in one step. Not a happy sound. At the normal turn off to head up the slide we followed the well defined snowshoe track. This track heads up hill as expected and then goes off straight up the fall line to the left of the slide. It took us 3 hours from the start of the climb at the brook to reach the summit. The trail we followed up to the summit popped us out at the north most summit rocks on Grace. It was brutal and should not be followed. On the way down we broke out the normal summer path from the col between Grace and Carson back down to a point where it intersets the trail we took up at the bottom of the slide. There is a very obvious brush in across the snow shoes tracks that head right up the fall line.This spot is when you are still in the open birch forest just after leaving the brook. The correct trail takes a hard right and goes cross slope, the gnarly trail keeps going straight up hill. If you don't see the slide off to your left when heading up you are not on the correct trail and plenty of pain and suffering will be in your future.Note, the trail we broke out on the way down is was only broken out in the downhill direction so it is obvious, but not consolidated for quick uphill travel yet.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

The views and company. Coming down the proper summer heardpath in 20 minutes

The Bad:

Thrashing through the krumholz near the headwall

The Drive

Easy, stayed at Peggy's



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