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Dix Range for the 46!!


Submitted By Meghan Addario

The Mountains & Stats

16 miles with 5200 feet of gain
  • Dix (4857 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • East Dix (4012 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Hough (4400 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Macomb (4405 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • South Dix (4060 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     The weekend FINALLY came! Our original plan was to meet PT & EP at the summit of Hough around noon. When we had gotten to the parking lot at the trail head, it was already pretty full. We slept in the car, got 7 hours of sleep, and woke up to a VERY brisk morning. We got dressed, met our neighbor [Don] that camped in the truck next to us, and headed out finally around 7. [a hour later than I had wanted to] We made it to Slide Brook pretty quickly. There is a campsite that you walk through to get to the herd path up to Macomb. Not too much later, we came to the slide that we had to go up. As I had read, it was not a normal ADK slide. It was full of loose dirt and rock - and where it was still wet from the night before, was not a whole lot of fun. Lots of elevation very quickly - made for a fairly easy mountain to climb. Once on Macomb (#42!!), we relaxed for a bit, ate some breakfast - saw our first bit of ice for the year - and then were joined by Don and 2 others. It was nice to be joined by people that knew the Adirondacks fairly well. We chatted for a little while, and then carried on our way towards South Dix. The col was pretty easy to get to, there is another herd path that veers to the left and down, not 100% sure where it went to, but we are assuming maybe to Lillian Brook and then right before Hough to a possible campsite maybe? We took the trail to the right and went up the rock. South Dix, check. No sign, no marker, and surrounded by trees at the highest point. Boring! No time spent on South Dix the first time through, continued on to East Dix. Nice short jaunt and we were on a nice bald summit! Finally tied up my number with Mike!! We had another snack, took a few pictures, tried sending messages to Pat & Eva with no luck, and then finally headed towards Hough. Back up to South Dix, took a summit pic real quick, and then started downhill towards the "bump." Up and over the bump, then we started up the steep part of Hough, pronounced correctly. Once there [woohooo 45!], we met another 3 kids on the summit. We waited for Pat and Eva, our [pos] walkie-talkie had died already so we were hoping they were close. Another guy came up shortly after, and hadn't seen the FJ Cruiser in the parking lot. After about a hour of waiting [and enjoying the views while eating lunch], we started off towards our final peak. We were hoping to run into the 2 of them along the way. When we got to the yellow trail, I turned on our "get pumped" music - the Rocky Song. Played it at the right time apparently! [never seeing the movies before, apparently the song I chose to play as we were now moving swiftly across the ridge, also plays in the movie as Rocky runs along a ridge] Almost to the summit, there were a lot of people up there, hit mute as we walked by them, and hit play as soon as we got out of ear shot! We hit the summit shortly after - 46!!!! We sat, took pictures, popped a bottle of "sparkling wine", and had another feast. After about another hour of taking in views and waiting for PT & EB, we took off around 4 to head back down the mountain. Sadly, we didn't catch up with Pat or Eva until the next morning for breakfast - if only some fool didn't put up fake cairns! It was a steep 2400 feet! We moved quickly, trying to get out by dark. Passed a few people from the large group we had originally seen when we summited, and met back up with another group we talked to on the summit of Dix. Finally at the junction at the bottom, we moved on ahead and came across the guys that we had seen on Macomb at the beginning of the day. They had gone down Lillian Brook and said it was a great trail now. We said our goodbyes and finished the trail out to the car before dark! Out at 7, much earlier than expected. SUCCESS! We went to the LOJ and stayed in lean-to #5 on the lake. When we got there, my aunt and her friends were there to celebrate our 46!

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

*Celebration at the LOJ afterward

The Bad:

*Not timing the trip right to run into PT & EB
*12 hour hike for the final finish

The Drive

We left after work on Friday - 90, off at Fonda to Saratoga Springs, 87 to the Newcomb exit - 4 miles west, 5 miles north towards Elk Lake. The trip out, we went to the LOJ - took about a hour to get to from the trail head.


  • *ADK High Peaks guide book
  • *www.alavine.net
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