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Giant & RPR


Submitted By Meghan Addario

The Mountains & Stats

9 miles with 4500 feet of gain
  • Giant (4627 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Rocky (4420 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We had an early start up Giant from the Zander Scott trailhead. After a steep 1/2 mile, we were able to see our first clear views. Great morning! We ran into very few people on the way up. Found great campsites along the way [before the pond/swamp .7ish miles up the trail]. Took lots of pictures, had some snacks/breakfast on view spots and made it a relaxing morning. Took the trail to the left to go around the \"bump\" and continued to climb. It wasn\'t much farther past the junction with Rocky Peak Ridge. At the top, we enjoyed views of most of the high peak region. We lounged for nearly a hour. Decided to continue on our way to RPR, made it there rather quickly for our standards for the day, spent almost another hour on the summit enjoying views of the great range, dix range, lake Champlain and Vermont. Took a few pictures and headed back. Passed quite a few people on the way back - and once at the trail junction again with Giant, ran into herds of people. At a brisk pace, we traveled on down the mountain and made it back to the car in no time!

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

*Having the summits to ourselves - pays to be early risers!

The Bad:

*NY Soeul Tours bringing so many people up to do Giant that had absolutely no hiker courtesy when it came to moving over to let others by

The Drive

Nice drive from Chapell Pond Camp Site. We arrived nice and early and had prime parking for the trip!


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