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Submitted By Meghan Addario

The Mountains & Stats

18 miles with 2500 feet of gain
  • Marshall (4360 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     It was a very cold morning! Got dressed quick and started off to Marcy Damn from the LOJ around 6:30am. On our way, we wondered if the water level had gone down since the last time, and sure enough, the bridge had a couple inches of water that went over it. So much for a "dry" day! We continued on to Marcy Dam - no one was there, which was a nice surprise. Great morning, stopped for some pictures and explored a little bit with no real time frame for the day. We continues to Avalanche Pass and to the lake. A lot more pictures, and we met the first group [father/son] heading towards Iroquois. I am slowly doing better with the ladders and cliffs! Onwards to Lake Colden, more pictures and a stop at the Outpost - interesting place. It was all about exploring since it was the last trip into this area for awhile. Onward to Cold Brook Pass - 1050ish vertical feet to the top. Quite the trail, on the way, Mike remembered that the downed plane was behind a big rock - so we kept our eyes out for it. Finally, about 5 minutes from the Marshall herd path, I saw what looked like a herd path going around a large rock. We went to explore some more and there it was! Kinda creepy seeing it still mostly in tact, minus the wing that was taken off and strewn 30 feet away! Onward to Marshall [really taking our sweet time, it was already 11!] and once at the junction [marked with a cairn] it was into some thick trees! I think the guide book was a little off with their descriptions of it being the "most popular" way up Marshall. We had already decided that we were going down Herbert Brook so we could eat lunch on Colden Dam. Another 45 minutes through thick trees and muddy drop offs, we finally came to a clearing with a rock and a tree on top. SUMMIT #35! We were slightly off track with all the wandering we had done, but decided we would just continue taking it easy. [someone forgot the Tylenol for when the knees decide to go] Views of Iroquois and the Santanonis that had to be found by walking away from the summit a little bit. Leftover Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich leftover from the night before on the summit and we continued down Herbert Brook towards Lake Colden. What a haul. Muddy, gross and took forever! We finally made it down and out to the damn. There are quite a few new lean-tos that were created in that area [one right at the bottom of the Herbert Brook herd path]. Leftover Arbys Roast Beef sandwiches were quite tasty while we recouped with our boots off and sat at the bottom of the lake. We decided to go around the east side of the lake to head back, hoping to be back to the car by 6:30, making it a 12 hour day. We hauled out moving quickly down Lake Colden, and then over the ladders & rocks past Avalanche Lake and before we knew it, we were back at Marcy Dam. We took the Old Marcy Dam trail out, and need to start remembering that this needs to be the normal way out - it cuts out all the bumps and hills that you go up and over on the "new" trail. Made it out by 6! Packed up, changed, and headed home. Didn't hit the rain til Watertown [luckily!]

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

*Nice, relaxing pace in the beginning
*Downed plane
*Awesome weather
*Roast beef sandwiches

The Bad:

*Forgetting the advil and my ankles swelling
*Marshall herd paths

The Drive



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