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Marcy, Skylight, & Gray


Submitted By Michael Addario

The Mountains & Stats

22 miles with 5000 feet of gain
  • Gray (4840 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Marcy (5344 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Skylight (4926 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Set in Friday night and camped at Marcy Dam - trail isn\'t in as bad condition as we were led to believe, but still not as pristine as it usually is. We had a group of very loud French-Canadian people camping right below us. We finally fell asleep and the alarm started going off at 5am - 6am finally got here and I shut it off after hitting snooze for a hour. Tossed around the ideas of just sleeping all day and maybe heading out and doing Mt Jo or Lower Wolfjaw since we only had 2 nalgenes for water [our 3 liter Camelpacks had sprung a leak and completely soaked everything] - luckily, we had the water filter and by 7am we convinced ourselves to suck it up and make a run for it before the forecasted thunderstorms hit. Made it up to Marcy with no problems via the Phelps trail - made a stop at Indian Falls which were fogged in when we got there - right after Little Marcy, there is a \"bridge\" that was completely sunk - DO NOT try to hop over the bridge, you will get wet no matter what, just deal with it! Those boards are slick! We shared the summit with a couple of guys [no steward yet] with great views of Haystack, but not much of anything else. Didn\'t stay long, continued down the back side of Marcy to Skylight - steep & slippery with water and mud - I think we could do with a little less rain - made for slow going. Finally reached 4 Corners, a hop, skip, and jump up to Skylight [the fog finally burned off so we ate some lunch and soaked up the views]. Headed back down expecting a hard find for the trail to Gray [as people we had passed coming off of Marcy said they missed it] - it was right at the outlet of Lake Tear in the Cloud as described in the book, and marked with 2 cairns! What a miserable climb Gray was - the most mud we encounted all day and we are pretty sure that it shouldn\'t even count as a mountain, more a shoulder of Marcy. 34 for Meghan! We traveled down the Feldspar Brook, better going down it than up it and then nearly missed the trail junction at the bottom towards Lake Arnold [also afraid that this was going to be miserable] There were bridges missing as we crossed the swamp, but that was about all the complaints for the trail [other than the insane vertical gain you get the closer you get to Lake Arnold] - it was an easy out. Back to the tent site, packed up, and moved on out of Marcy. No rain/thunderstorms all day! Jumped in the brook along 73 right before the ski jumps on the ride home to cool off. Good day all-in-all.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

*Having Skylight all to ourselves
*Camping at Marcy Dam
*Dipping in a brook throughout the hike and after

The Bad:

*Bridge outages
*Mud, mud, and more mud
*Gray & scaling it\'s rock cliff that had no bottom
*It\'s almost August and there are STILL black flies
*Waiting 20 minutes for food at McDonald\'s at Tupper Lake - at least we weren\'t the guy in the drive thru that was there before us and was still there waiting after we got done eating!

The Drive

Up 81 to 3 across - uneventful. Rain on the ride back home.


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  • ADK map - we winged this trip and didn\'t do a lick of research before we came - whoops
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