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Stupidityfest 2009


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

5 miles with 1750 feet of gain
  • Adams (3540 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     The amount of stupidity on this trip was stunning... After reading trip reports that said the snow was in great condition last weekend I came up with the ambitious plan to hike in to flowed lands and to try and hike Redfield and Cliff. We got to the trailhead and were hiking by 9 pm. We started off with microspikes after a few hundred yards the snow softened up so we switched to snowshoes. After a few hundred more yards I started punching through the crust even with snowshoes on. We made the decision to turn back (Nicole grudgingly so). We returned to the car and decided to go and hike Adams instead since Nicole had just drank a cup of coffee and would not be able to go to sleep.

      We drove down to the Adams/Allen trailhead and re-packed our packs to go from overnight to a "day hike". We headed out over the Opalescent and Lake Jimmy (the Lake Jeimmy bridge was floating at the time). Eventually we reached the old fire warden's cabin. We had a hard time finding the trail (originally we followed the path behind the cabin, we quickly gave up on that and found the correct path).

      The path starts off climbing slowly through some undergrowth. Eventually you climb through/in a stream for a while. We climbed gradually for a while while going in and out of the stream. The snow beneath us was soft and I found myself punching through fairly often. Eventually the climb began to get steep (especially along one section next to a small rock band). We kept climbing and the trail kept getting steeper, our MSR snowshoes provided good purchase for the majority of the climb. Nicole and I were both starting to get pretty tired but eventually we reached the top (we were both elated). Unfortunately there were no views (as it was 12:30) not to mention the fire tower was closed due to wind damage.

      We took a break at the summit and then carefully descended. Eventually we got below the steep section near the cliff and we felt a lot better about hiking out. Eventually we reached the cabin and then the parking lot. The total trip time was 3.5 hours, ~2 hours up and ~1.5 hours down

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Bagging a peak and making the best of the situation

The Bad:

Punching through the snow every 5th step
Trying to talk the guys from NJ out of hiking (3 pairs of snowshoes with 4 hikers)

The Drive

Simply stunning


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