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Submitted By Michael Addario

The Mountains & Stats

11 miles with 1 feet of gain
  • Colden (4714 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     We got to the LOJ and had another restful night of sleeping in the back of the Subaru. When we woke up, we realized we forgot several things [including the sleds, poles, and Meghan's jacket] Luckily, 2 out of the 3 weren't important enough to cancel, and a nice lady that had just 46-ed the day before offered up her daughter's jacket that she knew would not be used during the day. We met Brenda and Kathi at the LOJ, ate a little breakfast, and started off on the Old Trail to Marcy Dam. [which is quicker than the other route, we'll find out later]


      We were to meet DaveJohnny and his friend Ben at Marcy Dam at 7:30 [we may have been a little late...not quite sure] They were ready to go, snowshoes already on, and we started off up the trail - slightly icy and bumpy, although it could've been worse considering how much rain they had gotten the day before and how cold it was then. We passed a group that was attempting to go up the Trap Dike - we didn't see them again, so not sure if they were successful in their attempt. We continued up towards Lake Arnold and the gross, icy snow without our snowshoes on. The views were amazing once we got up high enough - Marcy and the Great Range, Giant, Big Slide...many others I'm sure - the day was incredible. We got to the false summit [which I'm pretty sure could be a high peak with no problem...], rested and enjoyed some views [of Ben & DaveJohnny almost to the top of Colden and another couple we kept going back and forth with] and continued on up to the summit of Colden. When we got closer to the summit,the wind started to pick up. We enjoyed the summit for a little bit before starting our trek down - and then we found stray tracks to the left, where we ran into the other two in our group, out of the wind, great views. We ate lunch here [tuna fish sandwiches, pb&j, oranges, hot cocoa, and hot tea - best lunches in a long time on a summit], took a lot more pictures, and then decided it was time to head back down...


      The top part was the hardest part - there were rivers of ice to cross, and one dodge to the right instead of left could've taken you staight off the mountain [or at least a good chunk of the ways down]. Brenda & Kathi, the people of reason, thought it might not be the best idea to continue down this path once we watched Ben almost go over on one of those rivers of ice. This being an "Addario" trip, we continued - all helping each other to make it over and out of the ice. Once we got off of the exposed area, the conditions were excellent. There was a boulder with a ladder on it, we were able to slide off the boulder into nice deep powder. Butt-sledding was much easier on this side. We made it down the mountain fairly easy and quick. We were warned about the ice being thin in some areas on Lake Colden [we found to be true] and to wear snowshoes while crossing. We took another break to put the snowshoes back on and continued across the lakes - both in excellent condition [Lake Colden was a little thin on the sides]. There were a few thin spots where Ben fell into with snowshoes on at a creek crossing. Other than that, pretty successful. The hike out was uneventful, we were all starting to tucker out. We rested up at Marcy Dam, ate a cliff bar or 2, played with the birds that flew into Addario's head, left DaveJohnny & Ben [who were going to camp out another night to wake up and do Phelps Sunday] to go back to the car. Highly reccomend the old trail to Marcy Dam as it is much shorter [considering the couple from the summit of Colden passed us as we were breaking at Marcy Dam, and we saw again as we were packing up the car.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

*Views were amazing
*Sliding down the iced-rock
*Walking across the lake

The Bad:

*The icy top on the way down

The Drive

Lots of cops on the ride there - ride back, uneventful, with a trip to the Lumberjack for dinner


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