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Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

12 miles with 2868 feet of gain
  • Sawteeth (4100 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Drove up from Syracuse friday night and stayed at the Jack Rabbit Inn (anyone that wants my opinion about it can email me). Saturday morning we were up and out of the room by 6. Reached the AMR gate at 7 where we saw num num num (now that I know who he is) and his son sign in.

      We started up the lake road, a few miles in we stopped to shed layers. At this point the AMR gate keeper came bombing around the turn where we were stopped and nearly ran us over. We had signed in with our intent of hiking the scenic trail and he advised strongly against it. I told him we were well prepared with crampons / ice axe and we would decide accordingly.

      A few more miles down the road and my legs were starting to feel really tight, at this point we stopped to do a few stretches. It was at this point that randomscooter (now that I know he is as well) caught up to us. Unfortunately he had to witness my stretching which i'm sure looked like some bizzare modeling poses from his perspective

      The two nippletop/dial groups split off and we continued on the road. when we got to the lake we saw that the valley was mostly socked in so we decided against the scenic trail since there's no point if there are no scenes.

      The hike up the weld trail was uneventful up to the col with some of the easiest elevation gain around. There was no snow in the valley and only a dusting up to 2500-3000 feet. 3000-3500 feet there was only 1-2" of snow. At the Sawteeth/Pyramid col to the summit there was approx 2-6" of snow but nothing too deep (I carried my gaiters the whole trip but never put them on). We put on crampons 100 feet above the col they were mostly for comfort and weren't necesarry.

      At the summit we hung around for a little while as patches of blue skies flew over. We managed to get a few pictures of pyramid and gothics and a few other high peaks that managed to peek through the clouds.

      On the way down we passed a group of 4 from canada ascending (no crampons) that were making amazingly good time (I think they were climbing faster than we were descending).

      The rest of the hike down was nice although the travel of 8+ people ascending the weld trail had smoothed the snow down quite a bit making it somewhat slick. At the bottom of the trail we decided to take the spur trail to look at rainbow falls from the bottom. This trail side trip is well worth it and is highly recommended.

      We were back out to the AMR gate by 3:45. It was the first hike i've had in a long time where the hike was completely enjoyable start to finish.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

The hike was actually enjoyable
TJ set an awesome pace
The ascent was not too steep
Winter conditions

The Bad:

The views didn't start to open up until after we left the summit
Walking on the lake road (even though you make good time it isn't very enjoyable)

The Drive

It was an uneventful drive up and back. We stopped at the diner in Mexico on the way up and at the lumberjack in Tupper Lake on the way home


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