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Hiking Sawteeth


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

13 miles with 2800 feet of gain
  • Sawteeth (4100 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     On the weekend of the ADK High Peaks Winter gathering, Mike, Nate and I decided to hike Armstrong and Gothics from the lake road. We started on the road wearing our skis and made our way to the lake. This, we would find out later, expended a lot of our energy and we would probably have made it in the same amount of time wearing snowshoes. We left our skis at the locked shed and started our way up wearing snowshoes. Having only hiked this section a few months earlier, Nate and I had quickly forgotten many of the twists and turns of the trail. We kept on our way and made it to the col between Sawteeth and Armstrong. We had been anxiously watching the clouds move in and since there is no point in going up Gothics except on a crystal clear day (and since the trail up Armstrong wasn’t broken out) we decided to hike Sawteeh. We had some lunch in the col and made our way up to the summit of Sawteeth. We quickly posed for some pictures and headed back down. Back at the col we layered up and chose the seated glissade as our method for descent. We made it down in good time, retrieved our skis from the shed and started our long slog down the road. The skis came in handy on the way out as there was more downhill, but were still very tiring and we were more than happy to take them off once we got to the gate at the AMR. We signed out at the ranger hut and made our way to the car. We drove back to the Arc, our hotel of choice for the winter gathering, cleaned up and went into Placid to pick up some growlers of beer at the Lake Placid Ale House. While we were there we met our friends Peggy and Rich. We got our beer and they talked us into going on a small detour to their home to try some of the beer that they had brewed themselves. After exchanging some wonderful beer and hiking talk, we made our way back to the Arc. Once there, we settled in for some wonderful dinner and hike talk with friends. We got a chance to catch up with many of them, exchanging pleasantries of gear, trip reports, and weather. Once the crowd had thinned out, we decided to head to bed. We had planned on hiking up and skiing down Whiteface in the morning, but it had started to rain during dinner and we decided that going home was probably the best course of action. In the morning we had a quick breakfast at McDonalds in Tupper Lake and made it home before noon.

      By Nicole

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Getting done early
Downhill sections on skis
The ADKHP Winter gathering

The Bad:

Bailing on Gothics out of laziness
Non-downhill sections on skis

The Drive

Uneventful except for snow on Rt 3 on the drive home Sunday


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