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Thanksgiving Lunch at Kinsman Pond


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

8 miles with 2300 feet of gain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     On Thanksgiving we usually forgo the traditional sitting around and eating a big meal with the family and go hiking. This year was no different! We got together with friends the weekend before for our new traditional meal and on Thanksgiving we retreated to New Hampshire and set out to hike the Kinsmanns. We were stopped in the parking lot by a cop who asked us what we were doing on a day that we were supposed to be inside eating turkey. We explained our unique situation to him and went out our way.

      Although we got a pretty late start, our spirits were still high and we bare booted up to Kinsmann pond. Once we got to the pond, we made a wrong turn that took us a half mile to figure out our error. We turned around and made it to the trail and up to the hut that is still open in winter. We stopped there for a snack and continued on the trail. We decided that crampons were the best choice of footwear since the trail was not in good shape. There was a thin cover of snow with ice underneath. Rocks and roots were still exposed providing us with the potential hazard of a sprained ankle or a crampon to the calf. We were prepared for the continual up and down of the trail that led to the Kinsmanns, but because of the trail conditions, were not prepared for the length of time that it would take to get anywhere. We made it to the col and looked at the time. We knew that we would have enough time and daylight to make it to the first mountain, but not the second. So we decided that we would turn around. We had lunch in the most beautiful lean-to/cabin we had ever been in. It was a few 100 feet from the trail. It was two stories with a full roof and a doorway. After lunch, we started on our way through the ups and downs for the hut at Kinsmann pond. Mike went into the hut to explore it and to ask about cost. The cost wasnít bad, but because they donít really heat the place we would need our winter bags. Not the greatest deal in the winter. So we made it the rest of the way down, still wearing crampons, and got to the car. Our spirits had definitely faded, but the mountains will still be there the next time we attempt them.


The Good and The Bad

The Good:

A good day hiking
Seeing the hut
No people

The Bad:

Not making the summit
Sloppy trail conditions
Not eating right
Making a wrong turn at the hut initially

The Drive

Nicole had to drive from the house in NH because I was so tired


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