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Jim's Big Finish on Big Slide


Submitted By Michael Virdone

The Mountains & Stats

9 miles with 2800 feet of gain
  • Big Slide (4240 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Jim C. from adkhighpeaks was finishing his 46 so I decided to join the party. I camped out at chapel pond Friday night. Saturday morning I got up and went to the Noonmark diner to wake up and get some breakfast. The staff at the diner was nice enough to fill my water bottles for me so I would have hot water all day. I drove up to the garden and Jim arrived shortly after. It took me a while to get my pack together (first winter type hike of the year). After a little while we signed into the register and began our hike.

      The hike started off gradually until we reached the brothers. From there there were a bunch of steep rocky ledges. I switched to stabilicers before we got to the steep stuff but the trail took its toll and I lost a bunch of screws (and traction). After we descended off the brothers I noticed I was having trouble with slipping. It turns out I lost all of the screws under the balls of my feet. I switched to crampons and that made the rest of the hike easier.

      Eventually we reached the trail junction and began the steep climb to the summit. The trail was fairly treacherous and everyone was having trouble with traction (I was glad to have put on my crampons). At the summit we all celebrated, Nancy presented Jim with a 46er patch, sticker, and a sign. We also celebrated Anna's (Jim's wife) first high peak. After a short break we began our descent. The steep icy sections of trail were a little easier for everyone on the way down (due to butt sliding). At the trail junction we decided to head down to the johns brook valley.

      The trail down to the valley was pretty gradual but icy. Eventually we reached the bottom of the trail and began the hike out to the garden. Unfortunately right before climbing out of the valley my crampon broke (the linking bar snapped!). The hike out to the garden was uneventful but I did get to enjoy conversation with Yvon, Anne, Nancy, Jim, and Anna. Once out to the parking lot we celebrated again (the completion of the hike is more important than the summit). Unfortunately I had to drive back to Syracuse so I was unable to join the crew for dinner.

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Celebrating Jim's 46 completion
Hiking up Big Slide over the Brothers

The Bad:

No views
Sketchy trail conditions
Breaking my crampons, stabilicers, and gaiters

The Drive



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