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Colvin & Blake


Submitted By Michael Addario

The Mountains & Stats

15 miles with 1000 feet of gain
  • Blake (3980 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Colvin (4057 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Nice "fall" morning of the "last" weekend of summer. Started off foggy with threats of rain at the Ausable Club parking lot. In we went, took the first fork towards Colvin and Blake along the brook, realizing at every junction that we could've taken the road for awhile longer in. Finally reach the junction between Nippletop and Colvin around 8:30, forked right to Colvin where it got steep and quasi-thick. We were scaling rocks - Meghan even did some with no help! Made it to the summit within the hour, for no views and lots of animal poop. Ate some breakfast, went to pack up and the clouds lifted for a brief moment, but long enough to take a couple of fun pictures! On our way to blake now, shortly after the summit, there's a lookout point on the right. LOTS of down, especially the scary rock as big as a house that really has no "easy" way up/down unless you have some skinny feet to stuff into the rock's crack. We get to the junction for the lake or to Blake and reach Blake by 10:30 - hard to find since the sign no longer exists, unless it's the sign that points to Pinnacle - back down and then up...reached Colvin again around noon to find the clouds lifted so we relaxed. Headed back down the steep mountain, reached the junction [around 3000ft] looked up at Nippletop [which we thought about doing the loop to get back to the car]. Tried to pressure Meg into knocking out that whole area, she wasn't having it...so maybe another trip! Make the trip out. Hit the ausable club just in time to see a bunch of kids wearing white. Another 2 mountains down for Meghan. [21&22]

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Watching the clouds part

The Bad:

A little bit of rain, ending the trip with snooty people at the Club

The Drive

Took 90 til we cut up thru Fonda/Saratoga to 87 to 73. Helped a couple hippies change a tire - luckily they were nice hippies didn't mug us. Slept in the car and woke up bright and early. Trip back was pretty much the same.


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