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Mac-Almost-Entire Trip


Submitted By Michael Addario

The Mountains & Stats

15 miles with 4014 feet of gain
  • Algonquin (5114 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Iroquois (4840 Feet, NY) globe Mountain
  • Wright (4580 Feet, NY) globe Mountain

People On The Trip

Trip Report

     Another night of sleeping in the car. Up and ready by 6:45 [by this, we knew we'd be taking our time to enjoy the views about to be had] With only water, some food, headlamps, the "good camera" and the gps strapped to us, we started off along the trail. Gorgeous day, but knew it was going to get hot quickly. We had the trail to ourselves - what an amazing feeling at the LOJ. We soon came to the junction, we already made the decision we were going up first, so we turned right and kept hoppin' up the trail. There are quite a few lovely water falls along this trail. We got to a turn off with an added sign "DANGER - take stream up until you reach the trail again to avoid Hornets nest." Naturally, we continued along the trail. A couple minutes into it, we still hadn't seen a nest and wondered if someone got rid of the nest, but not the sign...and then we looked up to find a good size nest with quite a few hornets swarming around it! Meghan was ready to turn back, Mike's idea was to just run past it...so we made a run for it - success! Onward with the trail...

      Once we got out of the tress, Mike had to keep Meghan focused on the task at hand - actually reaching the summit to get "better views". We got to Wright by 9:30 [finally]. The views were amazing. You could see everything it seemed. We hung out for a little bit and continued on our way. On our way down is when we ran into the first guy. He sported a couple 46 patches on his day pack and talked as he kept his steady pace. A little farther down and we ran into another couple. Back to the junction, and we start up towards Algonquin. A little ways up, we decide to stop for some breakfast. It was definitely warm out, and it was killing our energy. The 46-er passed us as we were throwing our packs back on and we heard a couple more coming. Off we went. Once above treeline again, the camera kept coming out. We ran into a few more people and played leap frog for a good ways up the mountain. About 10:45 we finally made it to the summit, followed by a couple of guys. We had a small snack, chatted with the steward at the top, took a ton of pictures of the Great Range and just absorbed the views at the top [for a good half hour]. Then more people started coming, so we took off down Algonquin and towards Iroquois. To the junction in no time, and back into the trees. Our legs and arms really took a beating. The mud wasn't terrible [seen much worse] and there was always something to balance on to cross it. Up and over Boundary, crawl up a couple of cliffs, and we were on Iroquios by noon...still debating if we wanted to Bushwack to Marshall. It looked so close, yet the drop off of Iroquois scared Meghan, so they decided to just head back thru the grown in path and down to Avalanche Pass [with promise at that point of possibly going up and over Colden to end the day] We could see herds of people coming down Algonquin - JEANS?! LONG-SLEAVED SHIRTS?! WATER BOTTLE IN HAND?! Are these people insane?! I was sweating my butt off in light-weight shorts and a tank top, how are they surviving right now? We would run into more crazy people as the day progressed. We made it down the steep trail down to Lake Colden, which could definitely suck in the rain. Luckily, it was a million degrees out and only those big puffy white clouds in the sky. We passed quite a few French Canadian coming up en route to Algonquin. Nice folks. Then we reached way more "crazies" hiking in low-cut sneakers, an unsupported chest, make-up, bum-baring shorts and hoop earrings. I did a double-take, and the blisters that I could see forming made me think of how awful they were going to feel later. Hopefully they were not on their way up the mountain.


      At this rate, there was no way to get Meghan agreeable to doing Colden also. We took the flat road out, looked at the Trap Dike, ran across the bridges that were bolted to the cliff, amazed at the damage done from Avalanche Pass, observed all the tent sites, and thought of how we must look in the eyes of others as we come out sweaty and muddy from a long hike in the appropriate clothes and they were attempting in jeans and sneakers...to each their own I suppose. A long five hours after hitting the summit on Iroquois, we were back to the car! Washed off in the lake, and headed to the Lumberjack for some dinner where we got to see the extent of our sunburns! Great day!

The Good and The Bad

The Good:

The views, people watching, rock hopping, seeing Avalance Pass

The Bad:

The crowds we encountered, the heat at the bottom, how long some stretches seemed to go

The Drive

We left late Friday night and reached the LOJ around midnight. Luckily there wasn't much traffic. The way back, stopped at Lumberjack for dinner, Mike drove and Meghan slept most of the way back. Home by 10:30


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