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Welcome to Speeddent.com

I created this site to keep track of my hiking trips, stats, and pictures. I also created a section of the site whre Nicole and I could list our favorite dinner recipes so that when we can't come up with any ideas we can reference the list. Below you can see the various sections of the website, feel free to look around.

Latest News

Changed hosting service (need password resets) (2008-10-07)

I\'ve changed hosting services from one run by my friend to hostmonster. Unfortunately during the change something happened to the user passwords. You need to attempt to login with your old password, when that fails, there will be a link to reset your password. Follow the steps (including checking your email), finally when you log in again you will have the option to edit your user profile in the menu to the left. You can change your password in your user profile.

Site Map Added (2008-01-06)

I finally got around to adding a site map to the website (something that every site should have, I was just too lazy before now). You can find it in the menu to the left, and in the nav bar at the bottom


Opened recipe access (2007-12-16)

I decided to make all the recipes public. You used to have to add at least 10 of your own before you could view others.


Updated homepage (2007-12-16)

Updated the homepage to be a little more useful with a news section as well as a more descriptive welcome page. I also added a link to my google photo albums (with a frame *gasp*).

Recent Hiking Trips

Thanksgiving 2017 (11-23-2017)
  • Lafayette (5260 Feet, NH)
  • Lincoln (5089 Feet, NH)
Catskill Whack and Rally (10-21-2017)
  • Fir (3620 Feet, NY)
  • Big Indian (3700 Feet, NY)
  • Balsam (3600 Feet, NY)
  • Eagle (3600 Feet, NY)
Marcy With Friends (09-30-2017)
  • Marcy (5344 Feet, NY)
Sawteeth for Nicks Finish (09-17-2017)
  • Sawteeth (4100 Feet, NY)
Marcy, Gray, Skylight (09-16-2017)
  • Gray (4840 Feet, NY)
  • Marcy (5344 Feet, NY)
  • Skylight (4926 Feet, NY)
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